Session : 2-4 hours


The cohesion of a group is very essential in the search for better performance. The idea is that the more the employee feels good in his environment, the more he will perform in his work. This session is perfect for loosening small personal tensions and regaining collective harmony in order to ensure better performance at work. When a person feels good at work, they produce more.

Better mental health = Better job performance


The idea is to organize a group activity allowing employees to relax for a period of time. Our goal is to share a moment of conviviality around a sporting activity or mixes Sport and Games. A special program is put in place so that the group feels active and enjoys every minute during this session. Depending on the number of people, our team perfectly manages groups of around ten people. For larger groups we call on our team of trainers and create a perfectly adapted program.


The summer season is still close to us and after this difficult period for all employees the indoor or outdoor activities are more and more important because many companies have worked in home office. Perfect time to practice an activity in a large Green Space and breathe in the open air or in a nice indoor place.


FROM 10000 HUF per person





Absolutely Incredible !!

From 10000 HUF/Pers all included

Number of people : From 8 to 100

Fantastic group activity, which helps strengthen the spirit of a team and adopt a certain strategy to get out of this trap in a setting worthy of a film.

More information…

An epic virtual or in-person field day, courtesy of The Go Game,  is exactly what you need to capture the full attention of an entire large group. Before you know it, your polished, professional teammates will be participating in play with the careless joy of elementary school kids at recess. They’ll express themselves organically. They’ll communicate without overthinking. They’ll rekindle a spark of joy for both life and work.


” Help each other rediscover fun

Price : From 15000 HUF to 30000 HUF per person (depend of services, including activities, Food, Drinks

Number of people : From 10 to 100 people

Duration : 3 Hours

Skills this work activity develops: Teamwork, leadership, and collaboration.

Why we love it: A professionally managed event is more than just convenient. It’s also invaluable for the teamwork benefits you’ll get during your special day. The Go Game’s expert event hosts know exactly how to bring out every ounce of fun and connection possible, even in ridiculously large groups. They’ll make sure the engagement levels stay high and that participation is universal and also enthusiastic.


From 16000 HUF/Pers all included


Have you always dreamed of flying a plane and being in the front line and feeling the chills go up to your head?

Try this activity and let yourself be guided by the piloting



Funny, Crazy !

From 7000 HUF All included + Unlimited Beers

Outdoor or Indoor

Extras Charge : Cheerleaders from 35 euros / Transfer to the field 5 euros per person

Fun, Charismatic, Surprising, a perfect activity to have a good time together and certainly fun and laughter included



Do you want to float ?

From 15000 HUF All included

Do you know the parachute jump and that feeling of floating in the air? Come and test this bluffing activity and its guaranteed effects



From 6000 HUF (5min), 15000HUF (10min), 21000HUF (15min)

New activity in recent years if you like flying, guaranteed sensation and the impression of floating in the air! ensure by professionals


Duration : 1 – 4 Hours / 9-100 players

Price : From 5000HUF

Scavenger escape Packs creative problem solving Tasks into a fun and vibrant experience.

Have you ever imagined going back in time, solving old mysteries, playing as a detective ?

During our treasure hunt game, you have detective and you have been given the task to uncover a secret treasure. You need to investigate Budapest street before returning to Scavenger HQ with the solution.


QUAD BIKING BUDAPEST (minimum 6 personnes)

Price : From 88 euros for 1 hours / 125 euros for 2 hours + Transfers

Included : all the equipment, pro trainers,  private transfers, beers and superb local guide.

Extras: Add countryside style lunch with beers/unlimited sodas for €16/£12/person.

The speed and obstacle competitions pit you head-to-head with your mates in a tough competition. You can try this fantactic activity for 1 or 2 hours



Have you already experienced the competition ?

From 10000 HUF / All included

Challenge your Team and try to do the best time !!


Traban Tour Budapest

Number of people : Unlimited

46 euros for an hour/59 euros for two hours / 85 euros + Lunch for three hours

Traban slalom Race 34 euros

More details of Trabant and Other Retro Car Driving Tours in Budapest:

Have you ever sit or seen any of the retro cars listed below? It is time to try it in Budapest and get in a time machine!
– Trabant ‘spark plug with a roof‘ is a 60-year-old East German
– Lada / Zsiguli 1200S, ‘the Soviet magic cube’
– Opel Kadett ‘the Western Zsiguli’
– TAM T5B seats 9 people Yugoslavian minibus

You will be driving through the city in convoy (getting attention around) and can change the halfway. It is a safe driving experience, nothing to worried about. Maybe a bit more fumes coming out, the car is jerking back and forth and numerous stalling, when your group will eventually take off on a ride in the city. These are the kind of cars that will blow your mind and give you an awesome driving experience with your friends. The Time Machines will be parked close to your accommodation, and you will be given instructions and the key for these impressive vehicles.

The time machines can seat 2-4 passengers, TAM can seat 9 people. Driving license is recommended.


Mystery Dinner

Number of people : Unlimited

Price : 84 euros per people

The Mystery Team Building Dinner is a special team building activity, a combination of an Escape Game and an Interactive Theatre. We await you with delicious dishes, a special story and exciting mysteries to be solved.

Includes: all the equipment of the game, animators, actors, dinner (menu with welcome drink), private transfers and local guides. 

Duration with transfers: 4-5 hours

What will you experience in the Mystery Team Building Dinner activity?

You are invited to solve a mystery while you enjoy a delicious dinner, drinks and your colleagues’ company.

You embark on an adventure with the help of our actors. Also with the help of the built-in riddles, puzzles, locks that can usually be found in escape rooms, we created a scene that becomes a live playing field when you enter it. We use the secrets, tactics, motivations and goals that are typical in role-play games so each of you can have a mission.

You play this game in smaller groups and the groups can either help each other or be competitors, but you must work together to solve the mystery. Our animators and our actors are always there for you to help to find the next clue.

Are your ready to discover your hidden skills and to the experience of becoming a real team while playing games?


Beer SPA

Relaxing and Beers !!!!

From 9000 HUF /Pers  All included


From 8000 HUF /Pers  All included

Duration : 1 – 2 Hours

Who has not dreamed of putting on a jumpsuit and going to challenge a surrealist setting armed with lasers in a dark atmosphere filled with light of all colors!


Golf & FootGolf Budapest

Number of people : Unlimited

Introduction to Golf 57 euros per person

FootGolf 65 euros / 59 euros for two hours

85 euros + Lunch for three hours

Mulligan, frog hair… do you know these expressions? Never mind if not, you will try the ‘normal’ golf with us on our 2.5 hours introduction to golf activity and make a hole-in-one.
FootGolf sounds interesting, huh. This game is played similarly to golf with the exception that players kick a soccer ball towards a ‘cup’.

Includes: training with all the equipment, instructor, private transfers, prizes, beers, lovely guide

Availability: March-October

Duration: 3-4 hours with transfers

Find out more about the Footgolf activity:

On a beautiful venue the sport, which is well known but only in a nutshell. You know you have to put a small ball or soccer ball into a hole in as few shots as possible. There are of course a few more rules but we’ll show you everything in a 9-18-hole course in Budapest.

The first ever FootGolf tournament was organized in the Netherlands not that long ago, and now you can give it a kick in Hungary too.

Your welcome drink at the Footgolf venue will be beer, to make this an even more fun activity in Hungary.


Pál – Vőlgyi Cave !

Experiment this exceptional Cave in Budapest

From 3000 HUF / All included

Unlimited people

Have you ever visited the caves of Budapest? Did you know that there are galleries miles below the city and that you can visit them? Incredible discovery of the city of Budapest


Classic Budapest Tour with Russian Jeep (7 people maximum

Price : 130 euros per group / Duration : 2-3 hours / Cancellation : 24hours in advance

Overview Would you like to view one of Europe’s most beautiful cities from another dimension? Would you like to be taken to places where no other City Tour buses go? Would you like a unique tour and see the Budapest that few tourists get to experience? Then come take a tour with us, Retro Tours! A rare experience in a genuine Russian Jeep!

Departure Point / Return Details

Budapest, Váci u 43, 1056 Hungary / Returns to original departure point

Not wheelchair accessible / Near public transportation


Try it !!!!

From 28000 HUF /Pers  All included

Have you ever experienced shooting? here is an excellent opportunity to do it surrounded by professionals who will guide you in this activity

Cyber Jump

Funny, Fantastic !!!!

From 5000 HUF /Pers  for minimum two Hours

Minimum 8 people

The trampoline experience! an impressive trampoline related where you can try a ton of jumping activity, agility, fun, an explosive cocktail that will wow your team

Bobsleigh (minimum 6 personnes)

Price : 5500 HUF / 10 Ride / per person

Gift : 1000 HUF

Axe Throwing !

Try this activity !!

From 4000 HUF /

Who has never wanted to test themselves in the axe throwing? Now is the time to try this surprising activity, and attend by professionals.

Labyrinth !

Amazing Trip under Budapest Castle

From 3000 HUF / Approximately 1 – 2Hours

The Labyrinth of the Budapest castle is surprising, several galleries to visit and let yourself be transported in the history of these mysterious caves

Jetski / FlyBoard

From 3 to 20000 HUF /Pers

Do you like water sports and thrills? Then these activities are perfect for you!

RedJet !

Do you love Speed near Parlament ?

From 8000 HUF / All included

Duration : 30 min


Very interesting activities to developp your social interactions with your team. Funny, incredible, fantastic time together and you will spend a really good moment.

Extras : Food / Champagne (on demand)

Included : 2 rounds of beers

From 5000 HUF

Duration : 2 Hours

WINE TASTING (Buda Castle District)

Come and discover this extraordinary flavor and test famous Hungarian wines. An ideal atmosphere in cellars adapted to the conservation of wines

PRICE : 10000HUF

Tasting 9 differents wines