We are not Fitness Coach, we are more than this ….

Master Fitness Trainers, Stuntman, Actors, Physiotherapist, Football Coach for Professionals, Postnatal Coach, Rehabilitation Specialist


Professional BasketBall Player (France), International Athletics Athlete (France, Guadeloupe), National Football Player and Coach, CROSSFIT ATHLETES


Where we train our clients ?

Our Clients BEFORE / AFTER


I decided to start with a personal trainer to make sure my technique was correct (I've heard that a lot of people get seriously injured from training on their own in the gym). But with Livia it was such a wonderful experience, she always comes up with new exercises and combinations and carefully monitors your progress.
I started training with Sandro a few months ago because I felt that I really needed a professional Personal Trainer. I totally recommend it if you want to start a serious training program. He monitors your progress all the time and monitors your results.
Thanks Sandro for your help
For five years now I have had a desire to make a beautiful toned body. But all my independent attempts usually did not end in anything. A year ago I decided to go to classes with a personal trainer, I think I am very lucky, she is also an incredible motivator. One has only to look at her abs and sculpted arms! Thanks to Libya for help

The physical training will bring you an

excellent LIFESTYLE.


Check our presentation video

All The trainings have been ELABORATED

carefully and personalized especially in

relation with your objective.

Each section is incredibly complete since

it includes a wide range of exercises

ESSENTIAL for you.


Each method includes 5 modules

including all forms of exercises to OPTIMIZE

a complete body work

The methods used are very EFFECTIVE

with our clients !

We all have different body types

and finding the ideal workout is very important.



Fitness test

Assessment of physical abilities

Morphological types



First of all you need to know exactly

what your goals are.

Do you want to start sports

to feel better and have a better



Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to lose belly fat and slim

your figure?



It depends on the time you want to devote

to it and your MOTIVATION.

It is advisable to set short-term goals (4 weeks)

and to renew this period.

During this time you will try to maintain

your initial objectives

(weight loss, muscle, slimmer figure, etc.).



It is essential to have physical data

in order to be able to compare them

month after month

SUCH AS WAIST circumference,

Chest circumference, body weight,

photos and physical data

such as Cardio Test, Physical Condition.



Indeed, it is not easy to make the right choice

in front of the number of Coaches

in the fitness rooms.

FIRST, choose a coach with experience

which it means  not too young.

GET A FIRST DATE  and write down

how he would like to organize workouts

with you.

CHECK that the Coach can meet

your expectations


WHY TRAIN with SoulFitnessProject Team?


1 – Have more than 20 years of experience

2 – We adapt our training methods

according to customer profiles

3 – We carry out a physical condition test

for each client in order

to establish the best training follow-up

4 – Establish with the client a clear and precise

objective and every two weeks a development

of the objectives

5 – A diet plan and personalized follow-up

is recommended in order to achieve your goal



Have you ever suffered from Shoulder,

Hips, Knees, Elbows, Wrists, Neck, Ankles?

* Very important to follow

a precise rehabilitation

* Adapt the exercises

* Get the right advice

* Schedule a recovery period


WITHOUT it you risk having sequelae for years

and having persistent pain for a long time.


WE ARE SPECIALIZED in muscle, tendon

and ligament recovery.

It is not easy to make the decision

which will change your daily routine,

To take the first step

which will certainly change a lot of things

in your life and that of those around you.


I UNDERSTAND  that you are uncertain,

start an activity and certainly the most difficult.

Do not hesitate any longer,

take the step and you will be proud of yourself




is the perfect example of this,

WE ARE approaching our 50s

and yet we can maintain

excellent physical condition.



Everything is possible if you want it!

Here our customers are safe,

The place is perfect for a personalized Training

with our Team.



Achieving Your Fitness Goals with the Help of a Personal Trainer

Are you struggling to achieve your fitness goals despite consistent effort? You’re not alone. Many people find it difficult to stay motivated and push through the challenges of working out. But what if we told you that there’s a solution that can help you overcome these obstacles? Enter the personal trainer. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of working with a personal trainer and how they can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Benefits of working with a personal trainer :
Working with a personal trainer has numerous benefits that can help you reach your fitness goals faster and more effectively. Here are some of the main advantages:
  • Customized workout plans: Personal trainers create workout plans that are tailored to your specific needs and goals, ensuring that you get the most out of each session.
  • Motivation and accountability: Having someone to push you and hold you accountable can make a huge difference in your fitness journey. Personal trainers provide the encouragement and support you need to keep going, even when you feel like giving up.
  • Reduced risk of injury: Personal trainers teach you proper form and technique, which can significantly reduce your risk of injury during workouts.
  • Variety in your workouts: Personal trainers are experts at designing workouts that are challenging and engaging, keeping you motivated and preventing boredom.
What to expect from a personal trainer ?
When working with a personal trainer, you can expect a professional and supportive relationship that’s focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals. Here are some of the things you can expect from a personal trainer:
  • Assessment of your current fitness level: Personal trainers will evaluate your current fitness level and help you set realistic goals for yourself.
  • Personalized workout plans: Your personal trainer will design a workout plan that’s tailored to your goals, preferences, and fitness level.
  • Ongoing support and motivation: Your personal trainer will be there to support and motivate you every step of the way, helping you stay on track and overcome obstacles.
  • Progress tracking: Personal trainers keep track of your progress and adjust your workout plan as needed to ensure that you continue making progress.
How to find the right personal trainer for you ?
Finding the right personal trainer is essential to your success. Here are some tips to help you choose the right trainer:
  • Look for certifications: Make sure your trainer has the appropriate certifications and qualifications to provide safe and effective training.
  • Consider their experience: Look for a trainer who has experience working with clients who have similar goals to yours.
  • Personality fit: Your trainer should be someone who you feel comfortable with and who understands your needs and preferences.
  • Availability: Make sure your trainer has availability that works with your schedule.
Working with a personal trainer can be the missing piece you need to achieve your fitness goals. By providing customized workout plans, motivation, and ongoing support, personal trainers can help you overcome obstacles and reach your full potential. Use the tips in this article to find the right personal trainer for you and start seeing results today!